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From Getwell Prime Clinic Dr R N Choudhary Best Multispecialty Clinic

Dear Netizen! Dengue and Typhoid fevers are doing rounds these days with lots of patients in the community. Plz, beware there can be a Sudden Fall due to febrile episodes! This fall is called Black Out...This happens due to fever and dehydration resulting in low BP Take prescribed medications as per schedule and do early breakfast and also take frequent salt-added oral liquids like soup, chhachh, or lemonade... Ensure hydration and nutrition, take a 15-minute shower bath with lukewarm water, and never drink warm water in fevers... Such a fall can lead to injuries like limb/spine fractures or even serious head injuries leading to hospitalization and long ICU stays. The best way to safeguard against such a Fall is to sit down on the first symptom of Feeling dizziness, reeling head, or darkness before eyes!

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